About ESE Wood

The ESE Wood Sdn Bhd embraces the dynamism of solid wood industry market bridging our customer with our most extensive range of our quality solid timber or solid wood related products in the South East Asia region especially Malaysia.

We have been successfully fused innovation and creativity to making a comfortable staying environment to meet the desires and needs of our client in satisfaction. Perfection and reliable of quality form the foundation from which our company develops. Each member is a vital component of dedicated teams no matter in sales, service, maintenance and after sales service.

Our goal is to provide high standard design and product to our value clients through our commitment to excellence quality and satisfactions through designs and products. We also distribute a range of "REMMERS" products .

Beyond well-established solid wood markets of Malaysia, ESE Wood Sdn Bhd also supply quality solid wood to Singapore, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and etc.

ESE Wood Sdn Bhd , a giant name in the Malaysia solid timber wood related products business you can rely on. We are the most experienced in solid wood product import and export industry of Malaysia.

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